Sylwia Vaclavek

Food Photographer and Recipe Creator

About Me

I am Evanston, Wyoming based food photographer, food stylist and recipe developer.

Creating images that showcase the food and tell the story behind the dish is my passion. Seeing how all the elements, food, light and props come together in a unique and captivating scene brings me joy.

If you want your brand to stand out in a authentic way I’m your photographer.

Creating eye-catching food photos will invite your audience to explore your food brand. My priority is to capture images that evoke positive emotions, create curiosity for your food product and easily connect with your audience.

From simple bird’s eye view of the scene, detailed macro shots to show texture and detail or busy table scenes, your vision will come to life. Creating inviting and irresistible imagery that brings attention to your brand is my goal.

If you want to bring storytelling to the next level we can discuss short form video or stop motion. Using video has been shown to be the best and most rewarding way to promote and bring attention to your food brand or food product.

"Photography is a creative way of telling a story."- Sylwia Vaclavek


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